She made her last glance of what she called her life. Then she decided to leave for good cause she was tired and had enough of the unrequited love. When he held her hand and asked her “Why?”

She hesitated at first and tried to walk away but the fact that he was holding her hand and was in his knees made her burst into tears.He then stood up looked at her eyes and reapeated the same question. “Why?”

She tried wiping her tears with her handkerchief then with a shaky voice she said. “I still love you. I have loved you for being the person has always been the reason behind my smile, for being the person who gave me butterflies when I hear your name, for being the person who taught me how pain feels. I will love you for the friendship we shared at first, the laughs we had, the nights we spent planning for a future and the love I thought you once gave me. But I can never let you back in my heart neither can I ever forgive you nor forget you.

Simply because….

You never stopped me, Because you never had my soul within you.”

And with those last words she left leaving him on the floor sobbing


She is not as what you are used to see
With one glance you realise
that she is a mixture of both beauty and brains,
And that makes you insane
Her beauty is not what you have ever seen that kind makes you covetous
You move a step closer to and her aura leaves you sybaritric
The smile that she welcomes you with makes you feel you can act like hritik
I tell you she is so beautiful that when she passes infront of a flower they wither in shame
You being the bravest of them all she makes you shy and lame

Are you are coffee date?

He asked me if i was a coffee date?

So I replied,Remember,

                                                       As we drank our coffee,
coffee_cappuccino_foam_coffee_beans_roses_71029_1920x1080 We talked in secrets,
 We stole glances
 And kept staring at the two cups
Awkward silence as you listened to me,
Listened to the stories of my eyes,
We bled emotions
The coffee moved slowly down our throat,
The feel of it,
The feel of it,
Made our heart roar with passion.
Endless talks as we continued sipping it,
The coffee almost went cold,
Laughter,joy,love filled the place.
The electrifying stares,
Made us dance to our own rhythms,
You kissed my mind,
Kissed my mind with your gazes and words
Still,Am I your coffee date?


All along,She was searching for something,
And she finally found it,a place so peaceful,
The feel of the breeze made her heart roar,
It was the sea,Only the sea that could offer that an more. sea-floor-with-sunshine_23-2147557729
Its first wave,1855
The very first wave was something new to her,
It drew her close and captured her soul.
Splish splash,the waves moved with  grace and rushed to kiss her feet,
It reached out to her,
To offer its most valuable treasure.
Pure,magical and wanderous treasure,
That would caress her soul,
Beat her troubles away,with its turbulent forces,
And dissolve all her tears within itself.
                                    The more she stared,the more she got attracted,
It deep blue color re freshened her soul,images
Its fresh scent brought her solace and happiness.
I can say,She finally found a place,
A place she would call home,
A peaceful loving serene,
And more than anything,the sea was ready to create a storm to protect her,
To stay forever by her side in both  low and high tides.
It offered her a vast,a vast and endless love,
The sea was her beloved heart

Light bulb on my head…

What am trying to say is you can run away from your problems and choose to live in fantasy and deny the reality.But at the end of it when your bubble bursts you will have to deal with your problems sooner or later.The choice is yours to say when to deal with them. This is your life and yours alone you have a blank page each day it is up to you to write your story you are the author and at the same time the star of the movie.You wrote your book and created the problems in it…therefore as the author sit down and write the solutions to your problems cause in your life you are the only one who can solve your problems no matter how people try to help you if you haven’t decided to solve them you will never solve them.The solution comes from you and just you.


I want to talk today.I am not here to preach love.Yeah,by now you all know i am the dramatic hopeless romantic poet.Love and more love poems is what am best at.But trust me today, I am here for another mission.So you paying more attention now?Damn i like this part of you.You know what is more satisfying?Your eyes and ears.Do not  give me that look.Yeah am talking to you.

Ask yourself this question and repeat repeat.When was the last time you had some peace of mind?So peaceful such that the fact you are alive keeps you kicking.Have you ever needed a hand?


Or have you ever lend a hand?


You must be asking yourself now,What did her hands do this time?I am not talking about my hands darling.Don’t worry,not a dirty work.No,never.It is a sacred part in me.You can guess it right,It bled again and this time its too much.Because the only way I could do it better is by expressing this series of emotions through words.We all have a better way in conveying a message and my charms lies in my words.

images_011  So here we go.

I hope it does hit you up.You know,sometimes
we all reach for a hand…

images to hold.Just A hand is all we need.Yeah one hand to make a difference in our lives.A hand that fits perfectly into ours.A hand that shows some little love,attention,time,nothing more nor less.

When we feel the weight of this world,the world is crushing on our souls,We all tend to look for a hand.A hand to draw the cold away and keep us going,A helping hand to beat the pain and sorrow.To wipe away the tears and bring that smile back again.



A hand to remove our fears and rub away our hurts,the kind of fear that makes us shaky.A hand to hold us tight when we almost giving up,


when we about to fall,when giving life,to guide us through, shape and mold us.A hand to cheer,clap, praise and rejoice of our victory.A hand to hold us, when we cry ourselves to sleep.To hold us the next day when we wake up.To hold us during our best struggles.
Whats more important?

images_013 Than a hand that holds you during the scary parts of a horror movie.Such a sweet feeling right?A pure assurance of love.Its more of a promise.Like babe,we are in this together.Never letting you go.

Just a gentle,smooth hand is all that we need at times.

images_005 That is what it takes to complete us.Complete us in the most unique way.

Don’t you need a hand? A helping hand perhaps?A loving one?A tender one?Of course    we all do.Now,promise to lend a hand to someone who will need it.It is worth more than you think.That’s all we need.So,stay

images_009 ….stay with us.

Forbidden love

I never believed love would find me,
Not until the day i found you,
You gave me a whole new meaning of life,
You know noone will ever take your place

I found love in you,
And i have learnt to love me too,
And no other love will do
So why cant our love be public?

I hate that our love is kept on the low,
I wish that we could be open to the public,
Stolen glances we still as noone is watching makes me die alittle more,
For real why can’t our love be public?

I love the imperfections in you,
The small flaws that make you to be you,
Most importantly you love me just like i love you,
But honey why can’t our love be public

Its obvious i am meant for you,
Every part of me compliments you,
Me and you our bond is republic
Why can’t our love be public?

I am tired I dont want to hide anymore,
I want to shout it from the rooftop,
I love you and i can’t do anything about it anymore,
Seriously why can’t I shout to all that i love you?

You have this smile that removes my pain away,
Your laugh makes me to be blown away,
Forever and awhile my heart is where you are,
But still, why can’t our love be public?

I gave you my all you caught me when i fell,
My heart is ready for love and to be loved,
I chose you to be the one to be loved,
To me you are no just the queen but the entire kingdom,
So baby make me understand why can’t I shout to all that i love you?

I wish we could be open,
Why cant we be open,
Cause i am yours,
Why can’t our love be public?

You made me believe in love,
You showed me that there is in this world,
You know i can give you everything in this world,
So why can’t I shout to all that i love you?